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The Hydro-Clean™ sets a new standard for washing technology worldwide by allowing you to process waste material into profitable product, or simply sell your existing product at a higher price. Washing with high pressure and short retention times, the Hydro-Clean™ offers unparalleled washing capabilities for a wider range of applications than traditional washing technology.

Increase Profits

The Hydro-Clean™ cleans like no other washing technology on the market.
  • Handles up to 400 tons per hour
  • Retains material less than 10 seconds

Save up to 75% water

The Hydro-Clean™ operates with recycled water, making it very environmentally friendly.
  • Up to 75% less water than traditional washing technology
  • Requires only 10% fresh water
  • Significantly reduces operational expenses

Design Smaller Structures

Low water consumption allows the the Hydro-Clean™ to be built more compact than traditional washing technologies.
  • Weighs up to 60% less than log washers or scrubbers
  • Allows for leaner building structure and smaller footprints
  • Reduces capital expenditures