Welcome To W.S. Tyler

W.S. TYLER is a member of the wholly owned German-based Haver & Tyler Processing Technology Alliance, and a leading manufacturer, systems provider and specialist in the screening, washing and pelletizing industry. Focused on all aspects of the screening circle, from particle analysis and screen media, to vibrating screens and processing technology, as well as screening services, it’s our company’s mission to bring new approaches and technologies to the market.

Screen Media

  • Wire Cloth
  • Self Cleaning Screens
  • Hybrid Screens
  • Polyurethane Panels
  • Fine Screening
  • Engineered Screening Media

Vibrating Screens

  • Four Bearing Screens
  • Two Bearing Screens
  • Horizontal Screens
  • Fine Screening Systems
  • Custom Designs
  • Two Bearing Aggregate Screens

Parts & Service

  • Spare Parts
  • Technical Service
  • Suspension Systems
  • Vibrating Screen Performance Analysis
  • Vibrating Screen Upgrades
  • Engineered Screening Studies